Billing Reseller Support Billing Information 
Please access My Account for the following situations:
  To make a change to your account information (Name, address, phone/fax number, etc.)
  To request a re-print of your current or past invoices
Please e-mail us at resellerbilling@spok.com for any of the following situations:
  To request clarification on any billing questions/concerns that you might have with your account
  To request that your multiple accounts be consolidated or set up with a parent/child relationship *
  To request a Microsoft Excel report of your active units-in-service or your account(s) rate table

* Do you have multiple store locations? A BOSS Parent/Child relationship will allow you to maintain separate accounts but have your billing consolidated onto the “parent” account and one (1) invoice. This invoice will identify and subtotal the units within each “child” account so that you're able to track each store's productivity.

Has your Agent Access been turned off due to non-payment?
Bring your account to a current status in order to have access restored.
(no past due amounts in 30+ days)